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Though often taken for granted, a construction’s plumbing system is one of its most important features. This network enables those living inside or frequenting said unit to engage in crucial activities such as bathing, cooking, washing clothes, eliminating waste products, and other actions necessitating water.

Our company, situated in Los Angeles’s South Bay region, comprises an experienced team of Torrance plumbers tending to all installation and maintenance needs.


    Pipe Repair c


    Failure to properly maintain a plumbing system could result in a host of notable concerns, including:

    *Clogged drains and pipes
    *Unwanted fluctuations in water pressure and temperature
    *Disturbing noises emanating from pipes and other plumbing structures

    Above all, poorly kept plumbing networks could lead to sewage backups. Such events are often expensive to fix and could have lasting adverse impacts on the surrounding environment and individual health.

    In new homes, these products and channels must be carefully installed. Moreover, as time progresses, said items often age and eventually need replacement. Regardless of the underlying reasons for insertion or replacement, we are well-versed in the art of installation.

    Drain Cleaning

    As previously stated, tiring or failing plumbing network components can precipitate significant inconvenience and potentially severe health and environmental consequences. Ergo, quick remediation of associated features proves critical to avoiding such problems.

    Our team of skilled plumbers can handle any job. No task is too big or small. We have performed countless relatively simple fixes like faucet repair, large, more complicated tasks like sewer and gas line repair, and every undertaking in between. Leaking toilets, clogged drains, sewer line backups, and water heater remediation is par for the course for the Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning.

    Drain Cleaning optimised
    Checking sewer manhole with borescope inspection camera.

    Sewer Camera Inspection

    Sewer lines are typically located underground. Therefore, diagnosing the reasons said networks grow obstructed or damaged often requires significant investigation. The sewer camera inspection process lets plumbers view below the earth’s surface and diagnose the offending cause using sophisticated equipment.

    Hydro Jetting

    Particularly clogged drains might benefit from hydro jetting. During this process, plumbers employ machines capable of dispensing water at high-pressure levels to break up stubborn pipe or drain obstructions.

    The Benefits Of Hydrojetting Service In Long Beach

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    Those residing in Los Angeles’s South Bay area who encounter any type of plumbing problem are strongly urged to contact The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning. For additional information, please contact us.


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