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First-time customers get 10% off.
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    Sewer Camera Inspection

    For every twist and turn in your drain system — get an extremely close, detail-oriented sewer camera inspection. Sewer camera inspections done right! Our process is fast — it takes less time compared to the traditional way of digging up a lawn to inspect your pipes. Get cost-efficient, detailed, and professional sewer line inspection reports.

    At The Drain Guys, we love what we do, that’s why we’re first-rate.

    Get Reliable Sewer Camera Inspection Services

    Don’t hesitate — hire the experts! We provide long-lasting & fast service for commercial and residential. Be protected with our licensed, insured company. Free yourself of unexpected plumbing disasters — our sewer camera inspections are a staple service.

    Get 24/7, Fast Service And Crystal-Clear Pricing

    Fast service and quick scheduling! The Drain Guys are available 24/7 — after hours & weekends. Discover high-quality service alongside transparent pricing — flat rate and fair prices. Call The Drain Guys for regular assistance.

    Guaranteed Safe Plumbing

    Prevent mold-induced health problems, flood damage, and more! Our sewer camera inspections offer no-dig, safe solutions. Prioritize cost-saving plumbing maintenance with The Drain Guys — we keep your pipes in lasting condition.

    What Is Sewer Camera Inspection?

    Easy-to-understand reports — High-tech, extremely detailed investigations — Transparent pricing

    No guesswork — all our footage is delivered digitally! We use a high tech, flexible, extremely powerful, detail-oriented sewer camera. Our sewer line inspection is precise and sees all structural issues, problem-some cracks, and more.

    Avoid costly dig ups! Solve drain issues before they become dig-up emergencies! A sewer camera inspection is less invasive than excavating your yard — and much more productive.

    We make it easy to locate issues! Ask our realtor clients — our sewer line inspection report is escrow-friendly, transparent, and detail-oriented. Our sewer camera inspection services are the most sought after by realtors, among many others.

    •   Exceptional service from Tyler today. He called fifteen minutes before arriving which was right in the middle of my 8-10 appointment window. The issue turned out to be very minor and really my oversight. He showed me what was causing the problem and broke it to me gently so I didn't feel like a total goofball. I have some plumbing projects in the next few months and The Drain Guys are going to be my first call. Thank you, Tyler & Eddie!

      thumb Carrie T.

        Quick and speedy response. Fair prices and a really knowledgeable team.  Eddie and his crew are great to work with.

      thumb Clayton B.

        Came within 2 hours and fixed the sewer clogged. On time, responsive and the price was reasonable.

      thumb Sung H.
    •   Had them come out over a week ago as my bathtub was clogged. Kid came in looked around said he went under my house. Came back said there was a hole in pipe (showed me a picture on his phone. Could have been a picture of anyone's pipe). Tild me $4,000 to replace sink and bathtub pipes, and to laundry room as washer was draining under my house. Friend came today and uncliogged it. Hair in the u joint. The kid never brought anything/ tool in my home. Saved myself $4,000. Not today Drain Guys. Not gonnabdraun my pockets. And no hole in my pipe either.

      thumb Lianna K.

        The safety the guys practice when they come into your home is unmatched. We called them out because we were having issues with our sink, they let us know what the problem could be and gave us solutions. Unlikeother companies who leave it up to you, they are PROFESSIONAL and have been a great deal of help. We've already began to recommend them to friends and family.

      thumb Jessica B.

        Eddie came out right away to assess a gas leak under our house.  Eddie, working with another professional and courteous employee, crawled under the house, pressure tested the line and found a leak that we didn't even know we had.  Eddie was upfront about the pricing and options, explaining exactly what he was doing. Eddie worked into the evening to finish the job so that the repair was all done in a day, versus taking up the whole weekend!

      thumb Scott T.
    •   Ty was awesome and I'm very happy with his work. We had a serious clog in our old plumbing and due to my crazy work schedule Ty was able to fit me in quickly and rebuild an entire section of plumbing and solve my issue in good time and reasonable price. He was also very professional and a nice guy.

      thumb Joe R.

        i could not have been happier with their service. from the promptness of apt availability, to the communication skills of Kyle [the plumber who came to my house], to the job that was completed thoroughly and competently, to the price. all were fantastic. and we even bonded over a shared love of harry potter. their card lives on my fridge for emergencies like this and i can't recommend them highly enough!

      thumb Vique M.

        Very thorough, explained what he was working on.  Had them out to clear our main sewer line.  Called for appointment, came out same day.

      thumb Carolyn C.
    •   For 38 years, clogged drains, ehh! "Honey, drain is cloggged". Easy, he get's out his tools, if it is too complex, hubby pays for a plumber.

      Fast forward, I'm 55, hubby caught a horrible case of "mid-life crisis", and let's just say, left for younger prettier drains to "unclog". I know nothing about plumbing, who can I trust, will they rip me off? Now what!

      I called The Drain Guys! Chivon answered my desperate call that my toilet was clogged.  It was around 3 pm, yet when she found out I only had one bathroom and would have to stay somewhere else, she pulled some strings and within a half hour, Eddie was knocking on my door.  Imagine how I felt, she squeezed me so I wouldn't have to get a hotel. Wow!

      But then I thought, oh wow how much more is this going to cost me now! When Eddie told me the price, I was expecting him to say, and then I have to add this and that...I couldn't believe the price, I can afford that!

      Eddie was so friendly, so so professional, respectful, I felt safe and at ease with just his personality.  He was so quick, clean, and efficient!  He informed me beforehand of everything he was going to do and sooo very pleasant!

      I have years experience as a mystery shopper and found many people with great customer service.  This was way beyond just great traditional standards, this was genuine, this was a warm and caring "human" experience.  I was not just a clogged toilet job.

      I started this out as a humorous review, but putting all joking aside, I live paycheck to paycheck, have a 30-year mortage at 55!  There are so many mechanics and repairmen out there that take advantage of women. Thank you, Drain Guys, Chivon (I hope I spelled it right) and Eddie, you are beyond amazing....

      I highly highly recommend Drain Guys!  I have a new plumber and friend...thank you

      thumb Catalina Z.

        Don't let "rooter" in the name fool you - these guys do full service plumbing work as well as simple drain clean-outs.  They did a full re-pipe of my house and replaced the entire drain under the house and in the back-yard as well.  We got a few quotes - they were a little higher than the lowest bid, but their service / professionalism was much better than the lowest bidder.  Eddie and his team were great - we would definitely use them again!

      thumb Conor W.

        I've been burnt for money as a tech at this company. I had 4 problems all about my money. My Last check was like ..$ I received some type of paper copy showing 99$ then at the bottom it showed zero, no taxes were deducted. I was stiffed for $ twice then it was blamed on the dispatch guy, we have to look into it I was told.... the outcome.... I never heard anything else about it. How sad for a company to do such thing/s not only to me but others, then u get asked..." Do u feel like I'm stiffing you, do u think I'm a fair man...Crazy rite. I could go on and on. We had to move on. They say the grass is greener on the other side. We see it!

      thumb David M.
    •   The Drain Guys have provided prompt, affordable and excellent service during an emergency plumbing situation.  No one wants to have a plumbing emergency but the Drain Guys is an excellent company when you have to deal with such emergency.

      thumb Hwesu C.

        Great service. I called at 9:30 pm after our drains backed up and flooded all sinks with water. I was impressed that someone answered my call so late in the evening. They had someone out the next morning. Eddie did a great job. He covered his shoes with booties to keep floors clean while working. He snaked the drains all the way to main sewer junction where the clog was and he resealed P trap that was leaking under sink at no extra charge. $99 for everything which is significantly cheaper than last business I used for a similar job. A+ will use again in the future.

      thumb Jon M.

        Eddie was awesome! I dropped a diamond hoop earring down the toilet and Eddie came to the rescue! Eddie was very professional and thoughtful that my earring was sentimental and went the distance to retrieve it. Pricing was also great! Would recommend 10 out of 10!!

      thumb Erica M.
    •   Eddie was ontime courtesy and great explaining what was going on with my sink drain. They are now my go to for my plumbing needs!

      thumb Steven H.

        Msg these guys on yelp and responded quickly, scheduled them out and was on time within the hour. David came out professional and quoted me very reasonable. In and out in a hour to snake out the drain in our kitchen sink.

      thumb Bonny T.

        Less than an hour to arrive to residence got job done in under 30 minutes . Professional, polite and explained everything perfectly!!! I am definitely using this company again!!! Too bad I didn't name of gentleman that did job so I could add to this review. But you will not be disappointed. And rates very reasonable. Thank you again!!!!

      thumb Wendy H.
    •   We have used the Drain Guys in the past and again are using them right now to have our pipes redone.  Michael and Edwin have been incredible!  They were here working inside and outside for the entire day yesterday.  Michael came back today to finish up, saying that he knew we were a priority.  Both days we received a phone call telling us when they'd arrive and they did a thorough clean up afterward.  Michael has been outside in the cold rain for almost 3 hours.  They also took extra precautions keeping the doors closed so our inside cats didn't get out.  They are both nice young men and we appreciate their personality and professionalism!

      thumb Laurie F.

        Really bad at following through with their appointments.  The Landloard that we rent through are using them as a vendor.  Every appointment that we have had they end up having to "reschedule" the morning of for some reason. After I rearrange my schedule to accommodate, it's communicated the morning of or night before. It's a joke.  When I have to tell the rest of the family they rescheduled, they literally laugh.   This is after they cut a pipe too which caused us to not have laundry for 3 weeks which wasn't the "initial problem". Very frustrating to work with if you want things fixed when originally scheduled. One time, I can understand, but every time you have scheduled something with us is unacceptable.  I wouldn't hire them if it was my choice.

      thumb Amanda K.

    The Benefits Of A Sewer Camera Inspection

    Discover the most accurate visual inspections! We thoroughly diagnose all on-going and future issues. If you wait, your drain problems can worsen significantly.

    Our sewer line inspections see everything! All underground pipes, pipes walls, and more — including pipes under cement and your home’s foundation. Experience high-tech cameras that provide a highly-detailed sewer line inspection report.

    The Drain Guys offer the best sewer camera inspections for first-time homeowners, realtors, and building owners with tenants, to name a few. Our services can meet your escrow deadlines, and more.

    Discover excellence in plumbing with The Drain Guys.

    Read Our Latest Five Star Reviews

    Shavon was so awesome! She knew exactly what was wrong, was so personable, and knowledgeable. I felt like she was an old friend of mine. When it was time to unclog my pipes, the technicians made me just as happy. These guys worked so quickly and did not make a mess in my house like some of the other companies I have worked with in the past! They earn my seal of approval and recommendation.

    Boyce Tinkham

    a month ago

    A couple of friends recommended The Drain Guys when I mentioned I needed a water heater inspection. I called them and they come out really quickly and told me that I could repair the water heater. I was relieved because I thought that it was time to replace the unit. They saved me a lot of money

    Gordon Wise

    a month ago

    When I needed a 24 hour plumber in Torrance for an emergency plumbing job. Thankfully I found the Drain Guys online.I read a few reviews and everyone seemed happy. I am pleased with their work as well.

    Sampson Petersen

    a month ago

    I was afraid to call a Redondo Beach plumber because I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. But, when I experienced a backflow issue, I had no choice. I am thankful they understood my financial situation and gave me such a great price. They were quick and professional on top of the great price.

    Mary Brown

    2 Months ago

    I recommend this plumbing company hands down. Shavon is an industry professional and knows how to take care of her customers. No other Long Beach plumbing company has ever kept me informed and been so committed to my needs. It is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. The price was right and I could not be happier with my service. I definitely recommend The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain cleaning.

    Bryan Mason


    I called The Dra‎‎in Guy‎‎s Plu‎‎mbing and Dr‎‎ain Cl‎‎eaning for ou‎‎r bus‎‎ted w‎‎ater he‎‎at‎‎er. Sha‎‎von wa‎‎s gre‎‎at- espe‎‎cially sin‎‎ce I ha‎‎ve be‎‎en kn‎‎own to get a li‎‎ttle bra‎‎ss whe‎‎n str‎‎essed. But she a‎‎sked all the right que‎‎stions and underst‎‎ood how frustra‎‎ting th‎‎is sit‎‎uati‎‎on w‎‎as f‎‎or us. A t‎‎ech w‎‎as se‎‎nt t‎‎o my hou‎‎se for a wa‎‎ter he‎‎ater re‎‎pair th‎‎at d‎‎ay and f‎‎or a g‎‎ood pric‎‎e.

    Kidd Moriah

    3 Weeks ago

    The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain Cleaning fixed my water heater without bothering me or making a mess. I was impressed. They came on time, were clean and respectful of my space, and very professional. I live in Torrance and this is the best company I have had the pleasure to work in my 40 years living here.

    Brandon Lafferty

    5 Months ago

    I spoke to Shavon when I called The Drain Guys. She was professional and knowledgeable and seemed like she really wanted to help me. I appreciated that. She told me I needed a sewer line inspection, gave me a quote, and kept all her promises when the techs arrived at the job. Great company, the plumber arrived on time, and fixed my house right!

    Lauren Olson

    5 Months ago

    This company was friendly and efficient. Eddie and Michael explained my situation and gave me options. I found my plumbers and I’ll always call this company

    Shavon Speaks

    17 hours ago

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