Reasons to Hydro-jet the Pipes in Your Home

Reasons to Hydro-jet the Pipes in Your Home

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There is no denying that bacteria, grease, silt, mineral deposits, tree roots, and other debris can accumulate inside a home’s pipes over time. Fortunately, hydro-jet cleaning represents a genuinely effective method of getting that type of buildup out of pipes so that it is unable to cause further damage. Hydro-jetting Long Beach, CA services utilize a specialized cleaning hose and head that apply sufficient force to blast out whatever is standing in the way of free-flowing water. The technique itself is relatively new, but it affords plumbing professionals the power to eliminate just about every trace of problematic debris from pipes.

Hydro-Jetting Long Beach, CA FAQs

How Hydro-Jetting Works?

Hydro-jet equipment takes advantage of a high degree of water pressure to break through accumulations of debris known to produce serious clogs. Water coming from the rear of the hydro-jet nozzle works to send the nozzle head forward through the pipes themselves to serve as its cleaning apparatus. These are just some benefits of hydro-jetting in Long Beach, CA.

Will the Pipes Be Fully Cleared?

The team of professionals at the Drain Guys will use camera equipment to inspect a home’s sewer connections both before and after the hydro-jet process is performed. These enhanced steps ensure that any blockages have been broken up and the pipes have no lingering obstructions.

Why is Cleaning So Critical?

Pipes that are plagued with severe blockages can result in subsequent hygiene issues that can be genuinely unpleasant. When bacteria accumulate inside the pipes themselves, odors can arise from the drains, making an undesirable scenario within the home. If a blockage of this sort is only partially removed, those bacteria have an opportunity to increase once more, causing additional blockages down the line. The potential outcomes can include serious sewage backups, bacteria-linked illnesses, and plumbing problems that become costly to repair.

What is the Recommended Frequency of Hydro-jet Cleaning?

It is worth noting that pipes that are entirely power cleaned with hydro-jet techniques tend to remain unobstructed and functional up to four times longer than they would with the more common drain cleaning methods used by homeowners. While more conventional drain cleaning should be done roughly twice per year, the results of a hydro-jet cleaning process can last for multiple years, adding even greater value to this option.

Is Hydro-jet Cleaning an Economical Choice?

Having your drains cleaned with our hydro-jetting Long Beach, CA company is a great way to achieve long-term savings, and you can learn three more benefits of hydro-jetting by reading one of our latest blogs or talking to one of our specialists. The decision is likely to reduce the need for repair work, emergency plumbing services, sewer line replacements, and other maintenance tasks. The hydro-jet process does not utilize any dangerous or caustic chemicals, making it ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners. It merely uses too high water pressure to clear blockages, renders it a truly safe and practical choice.

To learn more about hydro-jetting in Long Beach, CA, get in touch with the Drain Guys today and discover the best ways to keep your pipes in top shape. We are a company that residents trust to keep their drains clear and free from blockages.

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