Plumbing Services in Long Beach

As a licensed and bonded Long Beach Plumber, The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, is committed to meeting the needs of its customers.

Our company offers a variety of services that help residential and commercial customers better maintain their plumbing systems regularly. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reputable Long Beach plumber with the quality of our services.


    Pipe Repair c


    The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain Cleaning offer various general plumbing services to maintain your home or office.

    Our services include bathtub and shower installation, pipe repairs, drain installations, and toilet repair. We also offer plumbing services that pertain to sinks, such as faucet installations and repairs. Our plumbing services also include water heater repair, garbage disposal repair, and pipe installations. All of these services will help you better maintain the plumbing systems of your property.

    Drain Cleaning

    One of the primary services we provide to our customers is drain cleaning. We will help you clean out any clogged drains using our advanced tools and methods. Our drain cleaning services include cleaning out pipes and cleaning areas that surround the drain in both bathtubs and sinks. No matter how clogged or dirty a drain is, we will be happy to help you clear out any debris that may be blocking your drains and causing an overflow of water. With our assistance, you will be able to save yourself from these hassles in the future.

    Drain Cleaning optimised
    Checking sewer manhole with borescope inspection camera.

    Sewer Camera Inspection

    Anytime you are experiencing problems with your sewer systems, it is a good idea to contact us to examine them. With our assistance with sewer camera inspections, we will identify the issues with your sewer system and find a way to fix them. Our company uses the latest technology and equipment to address any problems you have with the sewer systems. With the technology we use, we can identify issues such as damage in the sewer lines, stoppages in sewer lines, tree roots in the sewer, the location of a sewer line, and any leaks in them.

    Hydro Jetting

    When it comes to fixing and maintaining pipes, hydro jetting is one of our most popular services. With this service, we will help you clear your pipes of debris more safely and efficiently. This service helps improve the flow of water and waste in your plumbing systems and helps increase their longevity. Along with helping your pipes last longer, hydro jetting will also save you money by allowing you to lower your monthly water bills as well.

    The Benefits Of Hydrojetting Service In Long Beach