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    Hydro Jetting

    From start to finish — hydro jetting and drain cleaning done right! Our plumbing and drain cleaning technicians are vetted and well-trained — guarantee clean water for your home or business. At The Drain Guys, we love what we do, that’s why we’re so good at it.

    Discover Reliable Drain Cleaning Services

    Don’t procrastinate on hiring the experts. We have long-lasting repairs for commercial and residential. Be free of unexpected plumbing crisis — drain cleaning is our staple service.

    Get 24/7, Fast Service And Crystal-Clear Pricing

    Quick scheduling and swift service. Feel secure with our licensed, insured company. The Drain Guys are available 24/7 — weekend & after hours. We are customer-centric with transparent flat and fair pricing.

    Guaranteed Safe Plumbing

    Prevent flood damage, mold-induced health problems, and more. We help your plumbing in lasting condition. Keep home and plumbing maintenance prioritized with The Drain Guys — we keep your pipes in the best condition.

    Request The Drain Guys’ assistance regularly. We provide transparent pricing — flate rate and fair prices.

    What Is Hydro Jetting?

    Get a faster flow! Clear and clean all build-up and blockages — bring back, to like-new condition, your entire draining and plumbing system. Our hydro jetting service restores your drain and plumbing system.

    Avoid costly repairs! Maintain your pipes — remove years of sludge, debris, grease build-up. Let us take care of your drain line system. Get long-lasting life out of your drains.

    Our hydro-jetting services leaves your pipes clean and restored. With smooth and clear inside drains, you’ll immediately get a faster flow. There’s nothing to catch debris, delaying and slowing the accumulation of grease and grime.

    •   Msg these guys on yelp and responded quickly, scheduled them out and was on time within the hour. David came out professional and quoted me very reasonable. In and out in a hour to snake out the drain in our kitchen sink.

      thumb Bonny T.

        Really bad at following through with their appointments.  The Landloard that we rent through are using them as a vendor.  Every appointment that we have had they end up having to "reschedule" the morning of for some reason. After I rearrange my schedule to accommodate, it's communicated the morning of or night before. It's a joke.  When I have to tell the rest of the family they rescheduled, they literally laugh.   This is after they cut a pipe too which caused us to not have laundry for 3 weeks which wasn't the "initial problem". Very frustrating to work with if you want things fixed when originally scheduled. One time, I can understand, but every time you have scheduled something with us is unacceptable.  I wouldn't hire them if it was my choice.

      thumb Amanda K.

        Less than an hour to arrive to residence got job done in under 30 minutes . Professional, polite and explained everything perfectly!!! I am definitely using this company again!!! Too bad I didn't name of gentleman that did job so I could add to this review. But you will not be disappointed. And rates very reasonable. Thank you again!!!!

      thumb Wendy H.
    •   Fast, competent, communicative and fair priced. David M. arrived between the promised two window hour. He is extremely professional. He diagnosed the problem quickly, gave me an estimate and then made the required repairs in a timely manner. I highly recommend David and the Drain Guys. Thank you!

      thumb Phoebe H.

        Eddie came out right away to assess a gas leak under our house.  Eddie, working with another professional and courteous employee, crawled under the house, pressure tested the line and found a leak that we didn't even know we had.  Eddie was upfront about the pricing and options, explaining exactly what he was doing. Eddie worked into the evening to finish the job so that the repair was all done in a day, versus taking up the whole weekend!

      thumb Scott T.

        The tech came out to our home and cleared a drain. Well and good. Then, to replace a broken stopper, the pop-up, he quoted us $395.00! Not $3.95 or $39.50, $395.00. Geez! Of course, we passed on this.

      thumb Robert G.
    •   Had a main line blockage and toilet not flushing, called The Drain Guys and WOW their service hands down great customer experience, Avi was on time just like they said when appointment was set , overall very happy and Avi went above and beyond and explained everything to me.
      Dont hesitate and call The Drain Guys for all your plumbing needs, I definitely will and you will be one happy customer

      thumb Jose P.

        For 38 years, clogged drains, ehh! "Honey, drain is cloggged". Easy, he get's out his tools, if it is too complex, hubby pays for a plumber.

      Fast forward, I'm 55, hubby caught a horrible case of "mid-life crisis", and let's just say, left for younger prettier drains to "unclog". I know nothing about plumbing, who can I trust, will they rip me off? Now what!

      I called The Drain Guys! Chivon answered my desperate call that my toilet was clogged.  It was around 3 pm, yet when she found out I only had one bathroom and would have to stay somewhere else, she pulled some strings and within a half hour, Eddie was knocking on my door.  Imagine how I felt, she squeezed me so I wouldn't have to get a hotel. Wow!

      But then I thought, oh wow how much more is this going to cost me now! When Eddie told me the price, I was expecting him to say, and then I have to add this and that...I couldn't believe the price, I can afford that!

      Eddie was so friendly, so so professional, respectful, I felt safe and at ease with just his personality.  He was so quick, clean, and efficient!  He informed me beforehand of everything he was going to do and sooo very pleasant!

      I have years experience as a mystery shopper and found many people with great customer service.  This was way beyond just great traditional standards, this was genuine, this was a warm and caring "human" experience.  I was not just a clogged toilet job.

      I started this out as a humorous review, but putting all joking aside, I live paycheck to paycheck, have a 30-year mortage at 55!  There are so many mechanics and repairmen out there that take advantage of women. Thank you, Drain Guys, Chivon (I hope I spelled it right) and Eddie, you are beyond amazing....

      I highly highly recommend Drain Guys!  I have a new plumber and friend...thank you

      thumb Catalina Z.

        We had a major plumbing emergency this morning, both bathrooms were completely clogged, showers, sinks, and the toilets. I started looking through Yelp for a plumber close by and chose " The drain guys" based on all the 5 star reviews, I wasn't disappointed. I called them at 10:30a.m. And was told they would be out between 11:00 and 1:00 p.m., I was called at 12:50 and was told he would be there in 5 minutes. The techs name is Eddie and is the consummate professional. Eddie quickly assessed the problem and got to work on what proved to be a very stubborn blockage,he didn't stop until the drain was cleared. Having dealt with many drain issues, Eddie and the Drain guys were the best I've ever used, they will definitely get my future business.

      thumb Dirk S.
    •   Great service. I called at 9:30 pm after our drains backed up and flooded all sinks with water. I was impressed that someone answered my call so late in the evening. They had someone out the next morning. Eddie did a great job. He covered his shoes with booties to keep floors clean while working. He snaked the drains all the way to main sewer junction where the clog was and he resealed P trap that was leaking under sink at no extra charge. $99 for everything which is significantly cheaper than last business I used for a similar job. A+ will use again in the future.

      thumb Jon M.

        Very thorough, explained what he was working on.  Had them out to clear our main sewer line.  Called for appointment, came out same day.

      thumb Carolyn C.

        Tyrell just left our house and he was amazing.  We have had plenty of people work on our homes and he was probably the most thorough and professional person we have worked with.  The company was easy to work with and had someone out here quickly.  Tyrell was great, he explained everything made sure everything was done right.  He was also so nice to our 2 year old who told him "hello" a million times. Would absolutely recommend this company and especially Tyrell.

      thumb Aoife H.
    •   Ty with The Drain Guys did an excellent job fixing my toilet. He came out within a few hours. Ty was professional, friendly, and helpful. He got the job done quickly and accurately. Highly recommended, thank you!

      thumb Daniel H.

        Quick and speedy response. Fair prices and a really knowledgeable team.  Eddie and his crew are great to work with.

      thumb Clayton B.

        Eddie was ontime courtesy and great explaining what was going on with my sink drain. They are now my go to for my plumbing needs!

      thumb Steven H.
    •   This review is sooo late but we had to contact The Drain Guys for a leak on the side of the house. David came out on Saturday April 7th and took care of business. He was timely, professional, and got the job done. He kept us informed on what he was doing, he kept the area he was working in clean and together meaning dirt wasnt all over the place when he had to dig a hole. We even got a surprise visit by the owner who stopped by to bring David a tool and made sure that everything was ok. We will be using The Drain Guys again for any future plumbing needs.

      thumb T B.

        In order to sell our house, the water heater had to be strapped in to Code.  Not so easy in its tiny outhouse. David Martin came promptly on time (on a  Sunday!) and got to work.  He communicated via iPad with office (also open on Sunday) to calculate  a reasonable price to flush out, uncouple, haul out, install straps, reinstall WH, add copper safety pipe ( per Code) and get'er up and running.
      -Office support staff open on a Sunday
      -Had everything he needed on his truck.
      -Calm, friendly and knowledgeable (esp about local Code)
      -Done in around two hours. Hot shower
      - A week later, WH still giving us hot water like it should.
      Hurray David Martin and the Drain Guys!

      thumb John D.

        Had them come out over a week ago as my bathtub was clogged. Kid came in looked around said he went under my house. Came back said there was a hole in pipe (showed me a picture on his phone. Could have been a picture of anyone's pipe). Tild me $4,000 to replace sink and bathtub pipes, and to laundry room as washer was draining under my house. Friend came today and uncliogged it. Hair in the u joint. The kid never brought anything/ tool in my home. Saved myself $4,000. Not today Drain Guys. Not gonnabdraun my pockets. And no hole in my pipe either.

      thumb Lianna K.
    •   Don't let "rooter" in the name fool you - these guys do full service plumbing work as well as simple drain clean-outs.  They did a full re-pipe of my house and replaced the entire drain under the house and in the back-yard as well.  We got a few quotes - they were a little higher than the lowest bid, but their service / professionalism was much better than the lowest bidder.  Eddie and his team were great - we would definitely use them again!

      thumb Conor W.

        The safety the guys practice when they come into your home is unmatched. We called them out because we were having issues with our sink, they let us know what the problem could be and gave us solutions. Unlikeother companies who leave it up to you, they are PROFESSIONAL and have been a great deal of help. We've already began to recommend them to friends and family.

      thumb Jessica B.

    Why Hydro Jetting?

    Solve drain issues before they become emergencies! Remove hardened sludge and encrusted grime — these lead to health problems, and more. Guarantee safe, clean water — from a quick shower to preparing your morning coffee.

    Preserve your health and water system! Hydro-jetting services flushes out everything inside your pipes. Protect your pipes, and well-being, with our extremely high-powered, specialty, and technician-operated hose, also known as hydro jetting services.

    Contact us today —  (310) 818-7260we love plumbing and exceeding our customers’ expectations!

    Discover excellence in plumbing with The Drain Guys.